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Picture gallery from the terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden

Pictures from Sweden. Also see our summary of gang rapes in Sweden since 2011.

Terrorist: The Uzbek Rakhmat Akilov (AKA Rahmatjon Kurbonov) PNR: 19780224-8215 (Born 19780214) - see arrest warrant
Hidinge Backe 15 lgh 1002, 163 65 SPÅNGA. Other residents on the same address: Khanifa Mirzoyeva (39), Bahti Mirzoyeva (39), Anvarjon Ulugbekov (17), Sultonuz Ab (corporation)

Ebba Åkerlund, Västerled 15, 167 55 Bromma, Sweden - 11 years, student at the Campus Manilla.

- Mother: Jeanette (Ninna) Siv Phoebe Åkerlund, 19651121. Employee with Chubb Insurance Company Of Europe (ACE European Group). She has a corporation on her adress called Västerleds Kapitalförvaltning i Stockholm AB with the following connections: Aida Viveka Bunke (f. 1951) Ledamot, Verkställande direktör. Anders Martin Krüger (f. 1954). She also has a private firm called Phoebe by Heart and is involved in an online dating business. The house in Bromma has six rooms with an estimated value of 10 million SEK.

- Father: Leif Stefan Agerbark, 19640527, Tegnersgatan 14 lgh 1402, Stockholm. Ebbas father was involved in gross financial crimes as executive officer Nordisk Kapitalförvaltning. Here one can observe what Aktiespararna think about his business activities, quote: "The financial advisor Nordisk Kapitalförvaltning, NFK, got a 3 percent brokerage fee and also a 5 percent commission. [snip] He highlighted that NFKs products were "guaranteed in excess" with guarantee letter that could be sold in the event of a suspension of payments. Later in the meeting he offered me bonds in now defunct, bankrupt and prosecuted businesses Panaxia and Nordisk Bevakningstjänst." SvD Näringsliv has published an article the customers who have done business with Stefan Agerbark. He also has business interests in TOPAGE HANDELSBOLAG, CAPAGE HANDELSBOLAG, WINN-DATA SOFTWARE HANDELSBOLAG and Capage AB with his brother Leif Roger Agerbark.

Chris Bevington, UK - 41 years and living in Sweden for 10 years. Manager at Spotify - Director of global strategic partnerships.
Maïlys Dereymaeker, Belgium - 31 years, from Lembeek, a neighborhood in the city Halle. Helped illegal migrants. FOD Binnenlandse Zaken - Immigration office.
Lena Elisabeth Wahlberg - 69 years, from Ljungskile, Sweden. Chairman for Amnesty in Uddevalla.
Ulla Marie Linnéa Kide - 66 år, from Sjuntorp, Sweden. City council member for Green party in Trollhättan. Advocate for open borders and unregulated migration.
Male dog Iggy, from Ireland.