Several Great Spas in London, England

Several Great Spas in London, England

The Dorchester Collection owns two spas in London. One is the Coworth Spa and one is the Dorchester Spa. Coworth Spa sits on 240 acres of lush green land. It’s considered to be a very eco-friendly location. There is a hotel nearby, which makes it a popular destination spa.

The Dorchester Spa is in the basement of the Dorchester Hotel and is in a 1930’s style d├ęcor. It is extremely posh. The spa boasts most any amenity that you could possibly think of. From offerings of the best in facials and massages, exfoliations and body treatments, you will find what you are seeking here.

NYR Organic Beauty Spa is located on King’s Road. This is a well-known area and was often considered to be the ‘cool spot’ in town. They exclusively use the Neal’s Yard skin care products. Even the air has been treated and is infused with herbals. When you simply walk in here, you’ll begin relaxing just from the aromatherapy benefits.

The Four Seasons Spa is located on a rooftop and the views are amazing. Not only can you relax and be pampered but you can enjoy the view while you are at it. Ten stories high, the London landscape comes alive in front of you. Stand and take it all in, wearing nothing but a robe, while you are waiting to be pampered. You can enjoy organic products and get your glow on.

The Spa at Chancery Court is a luxurious resort style spa. Everything is quiet and candlelit. You’ll feel as if you have gone underground and left this world behind. A dry sauna and a steam room are both available here. Have your entire body exfoliated from top to bottom and find yourself in a post sauna stupor.

Elemis Day spa is right off Bond Street. Located in central London, it is a bit of calm in a sea of turmoil. Walk in the door and begin to feel your nerves release. This is actually considered to be one of London’s best day spas. Treat yourself without going far from the heart of London and your travel experience.

Ushvani is quite pricey but if cost is not a worry for you, this spa will not disappoint you by any means. Hidden inside a building, you’ll find whirlpools and baths in a rich environment. You will feel as if you have become a special member of a distinct club that most do not know exists.