Best Activities On Bali For Newlyweds

Best Activities On Bali For Newlyweds

Bali is an island province in Indonesia. The island is known as one of the best tropical beaches in the world. While Bali is an amazing destination for short or long getaways with friends and family, it has emerged as one of the top honeymoon destinations over the last decade. The tropical climate of the Indian Ocean in this part of the world is fascinatingly pleasant, especially for honeymooners from Australia, Europe, United States, Canada and New Zealand. The white sandy beaches, pristine landscapes and sumptuous sea food are just some of the many things that would leave you satiated at Bali.

There are several activities to indulge in while exploring Bali but there are some unique ones which are perfect for a newlywed couple.

A Spa Holiday

You would certainly explore all of Bali but if you begin with a spa package or a spa holiday then it can be the most fitting start to a wonderful honeymoon. There are various types of spa holidays that you can plan at Bali. You can explore many spa clinics in the cities across Bali or you can book a spa resort. Many villa rentals in Bali come with complimentary spa sessions. These spa sessions in Bali are very different to what you may be accustomed with in the US, Europe or Australia. In Bali, there are more varieties of spa treatments than you can imagine. With exotic tropical herbs, rare oils and an ambience that is completely natural and thus extremely enticing, you should indulge in spa treatments as a honeymooning couple.

Water Adventures

A tropical beach destination always calls for water sports but as a couple if you do not intend to cause physical exertion, then you can always go for underwater adventures, some fishing tours or simply a cruise that will let you explore the Bali in all its natural glory.


Bali is known for its economic shopping experiences. You would get every major brand in the world and also a plethora of local products. Whether you love antiques or intend to buy a collection of wall decals and more for your home, you can shop all your heart wants.


Kuta and Seminyak are two places that are famous for Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia and you can also visit to explore the vibrant nightlife of Bali. Great food, drinks, music, friendly cosmopolitan and upscale crowds along with world class clubs and lounges await honeymoon in Bali.