Idyllic Honeymoon Destinations in China

Despite being the most populous country in the world, there is a destination Kredit Mobil Honda Makassar that will make your post-wedding trip the unforgettable one it should be. The following four places will satisfy all types of couples, so read carefully to find the perfect place for both of you…

1. Hainan

Seeking the cultural exoticism of being in the Far East, but still long for palm trees and tropical beaches on your honeymoon? The Chinese holiday island of Hainan will make for a ideal destination if this is what you seek, as it is the only part of China that officially sits in the tropics, and it is a place that is largely unknown for foreigners, making it possible to observe how the locals enjoy their time away from their everyday lives within their own country.

While Sanya Beach can be hectic, the white sands of Yalong Bay are nothing short of stunning, and with spectacular monuments and temples everywhere, you’ll be sure to have a memorable honeymoon holiday here.

2. Guilin / Yangshuo

Southern China is well known for being peppered with spectacular limestone karsts, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the Guilin and Yangshuo area in Guangxi Province. Popular activities include going on river cruises and biking between rice paddies that lie beneath the rocky spires that define the scenery of this area.

There are many luxury eco-lodges set on the banks of the river or at the base of these peaks, making for many romantic mornings and evenings in one of the most pristine environments in the country.

3. Lijiang

Those that love mountains that soar into the sky will want to consider a stay in Lijiang on their itinerary, as this small city in Yunnan province sits at the base of the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.

As such, there are many hiking opportunities for active couples, while those content to cool their heels will find plenty of cultural attractions to offset the gorgeous scenery, as the local Naxi people have a concert hall where guests can observe their people’s musical heritage.

4. Hong Kong

Love the hustle and bustle of a city instead of the seclusion of a mountain town or a beach resort? If so, there is no better city in the entire country to satisfy your cravings for urban attractions than in Hong Kong.

This alpha world city has it all, from world class shopping that has whatever it is that your heart desires, to every variant of Chinese cuisine there is (along with every other type of international cuisine). Those seeking nature and/or the beach can find on the outlying islands, which has hiking trails and tempting beaches aplenty.