Budget Savvy Honeymoon Hotspots

Budget Savvy Honeymoon Hotspots

When we think of budget destinations for a holiday there can be hundreds of potential choices. However, when it is a honeymoon then the place has to be budget friendly, romantic and happening all at the same time. Now this is not an everyday affair hence there aren’t budget savvy honeymoon destinations in the world, especially when you have to be close to your city or state to save money on travel. The farther you go, the higher bills you pay on the way and consequentially your budget honeymoon can turn out to cost a fortune.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one of the seven islands in the state of Hawaii. The island state is anyway a favorite among honeymooners and if such an exotic locale appears to be a budget savvy hotspot then the entire proposition becomes even more invigorating. Kauai is known for its lush green settings and beautiful beaches. The island that is home to roughly more than 70,000 people is a favorite among all types of tourists. More than 1 million people hit the shores of Kauai each year. A honeymoon at Kauai would not be expensive at all but would be exquisite, luxurious and exotic apart from being indelibly romantic.

The Caribbean

It would be unjust to just say that the Caribbean is an ideal budget savvy honeymoon hotspot. The Fiji islands, Virgin Islands and Jamaica to be precise are the best budget savvy honeymoon hotspots. Now there are two ways you can plan your special week or fortnight. You can fly to the Caribbean and explore the wondrous world or you can take a cruise. Common perception is that cruises are extremely costly and not very desirable thus but in reality there are many Caribbean cruises around the year that can be very wallet friendly. A good thing about such cruises is that you get to experience a cruise tour along with the Caribbean for your honeymoon, collectively within a budget.

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The hills, mountains and snow capped peaks are often a much treasured retreat for many honeymooners. The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania is not just cheap for a holiday but it offers a world full of fun and happening activities. There is skiing, boating, camping, fishing and also hiking. The lakes, state parks and the all inclusive resorts make the Pocono Mountains one of the best budget savvy honeymoon hotspots.